Terms and conditions

By booking you agree to the following conditions:


For the booking, we provide a corresponding booking module on this website. If this module is run through and completed with a successful payment, the contract is bindingly concluded.

Decoration & Accessories

Decorations and accessories such as hats, wigs and other fun items are not included in the scope of services.


The location must be accessible by car for delivery. If special expenses are required for the delivery, these will be charged on top.

Liability in case of damage

The client shall be liable for damage to the equipment caused by him, his guests, commissioned service providers or by the location or its staff.


If you would like to postpone an appointment that has already been booked, this is possible free of charge as long as our SelfieBox is available for the new appointment. An appointment can be postponed a maximum of twice. There is no entitlement to a postponement.


If you wish to cancel the order, this is possible free of charge within three days after the contract has been concluded. After this time, we retain a cancellation fee.

cancellation fee

If the booking is cancelled by the client, we retain the following cancellation fees:

more than three days after conclusion of the contract: EUR 150.00
less than 8 weeks before the date: 50% of the order sum
less than 6 weeks before the date: 75% of the total amount of the order
less than 4 weeks before the date: 100% of the total amount of the order.

Force majeure & technical defects

If it is not possible for us to execute the order due to force majeure or technical defects, the client waives any claims for damages. In this case, the contract shall be deemed not to have been concluded and any amounts already paid shall be refunded in total.
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